Motel Rooms



  • $60.00 (plus tax) per night, 1-2 people *($5.00 extra per person if more than 2)
  • 280.00 per week (plus tax), 1-2 people *($5.00 extra per person if more than 2)

Minimum deposits required for motel rooms:
$60.00 (varies depending on length of stay)
$100.00 for any special event


Each unit contains:

  •  one or two queen size beds
  • dining area with kitchenette that includes:
    • refrigerator
    • microwave
    • coffee maker with complimentary coffee
  • Flat Screen TV with cable
  • WIFI

All units are NON-SMOKING, however, smoking is permitted outside

Motel Policies:

Be sure to view our Motel Policies.

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